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I did not submit Catharsis to any festivals yet but it got some recognition on the web and on television:


logo suedwild
My film has been shown on the german TV station BR in a show called "Südwild". This show broadcasts short films of young german filmmakers.

logo 3dhit
Featured on frontpage of 3dHit

logo stage6
Featured video on Stage6

logo dailymotion
Selected video on DailyMotion

logo cgarena
Featured on frontpage of CGarena

logo coolhomepages
The homepage won the design award of CoolHomepages

After 3 months online Catharsis had about 240.000 downloads.
That's combined from all sources the animation is available from (this page and various videohosters like YouTube, DailyMotion,...). It is the most successfull piece of work I've ever put on the web.

Watch it