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There are several things that I think could have been done better in Catharsis. But due to time constraints I was unable to change them.

Growing Sequence - Leaves

Right now the growing leaves are seperate objects from the stem and you can see a hard edge where the two objects meet. It would look better if the leaves were actually part of the stem, with no edge visible. That would require a different approach though. To have the growing sequence in one object it needs to be done using multiple morph targets for the stem and leaves. It makes animation quite tedious having to go through several morphs and creating the targets is quite time consuming. So I decided to got with the seperate leaves method instead as that was quicker. I don't think I could have done the growing sequence in time using morph targets.

Growing Sequence - Flower head

There still is flickering going on when the petals open. I was able to fix most of the flickering as can be seen in a comparison video:

Before (flickering) - After (fixed)

The Global Illumination pass occasionally changes from frame to frame. This is caused by rendering it on multiple computers which each did their own sample distribution. It can be fixed by rerendering the GI pass on a single computer (I'll do that when rerendering in HD).

Sunflowerfield - Trees

The trees and bushes are done using photographs of trees and bushes. As I didn't have access to a professional ressource for trees with alpha channels I had to take pictures of trees and paint the alpha channels for them myself. Due to not perfect conditions when taking the pictures the colour of the trees and bushes are quite flat and the alpha channels are not quite perfect either. I took care not to photograph a tree in front of another tree (so I don't get green on green which would have been impossible to turn into an alpha channel). But even with red buildings or blue sky in the background is was quite hard to get good looking alphas. It's not so apparent on the PAL rendering but I'll have to retouch the alphas for the HD rerender.

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