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Having an up to date Gantt-Chart was a vital instrument to planning the production of Catharsis and making sure that I'll finish in time for hand in. At the end of each week I looked back on what I did the previous week an updated the chart. Several revisions were neccessary during the production as some scenes took longer to do than I expected while others were finished ahead of time. This is reflected in my weekly Gantt-Charts (some weeks are missing because there was nothing out of the ordinary happening).

Week 1 - I set up the first chart and distributed the available time over the work that had to be done.

Week 2 - I started work on the planning phase and also changed the furniture of the room following a tutorial with Ivan. It didn't take much time to do this so I could finish the new furniture on a free day during the planning phase.

Week 3 - Modelling the sunflower was faster than I thought so I adjusted the chart accordingly. It left me more time for animating the growing sequence.

Week 4 - The first symposium was moved so this was adjusted. I also planned more time for the collapsing room animation following my experience with animating the growing flower. As that took me quite a long time to do and the collapsing room scene was similarly difficult to do I felt I needed more time for it.

Week 8 - Second Symposium was moved. As I went home for a week and I couldn't do much work there I changed my chart so I could leave my computer to render the first finished scene. This way I didn't loose any time during my holiday. I also discovered that it might be a better idea rendering each scene when I finished animating it and not leaving the rendering to the end. So I changed the chart accordingly.

Week 9 - Setup of the sunflowerfield was faster than expected but had to be adjusted after the collapsing room scene was finished (as the sunflower field serves as a background for the collapsing room). Also the soundwork was outsourced to James which left me more time for the 3d part.

Week 11 - New activities "Webpage / DVD" and "Hand-In preparation" added. I forgot to add these two in the beginning but luckily I had enough time for these activities as the animation went well.

Week 13 - following the chart now and finishing in time.


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