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And this is where you can download the animation. I provided two direct links and a mirror on Stage6. If you don't mind using Stage6 please do so. It saves internet traffic for this page and helps to keep the animation available for download.


Quicktime HD 25Mb, 1280x720px

The downloadbale files requires Quicktime 7. You can download the free player from the apple webpage. To be able to watch it on Stage6 you need to have the divx webplayer installed which can be downloaded at the Stage6 page.

All visual elements, the story, animation, editing, compositing and colour grading have been done by Matthias Zabiegly. His personal page can be found here.

All soundeffects and the composition of the music are by James Lee Burstein. You can find James' myspace page here or email him using this adress.

All rights reserved (2007) by Matthias Zabiegly and James Lee Burstein. Please contact us if you want to show the shortfilm in public.


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